Cape Trib Farm

Cape Trib Farm is nestled in the heart of Cape Tribulation on some 80 acres. Approximately 30 acres are under orchard, the balance of which is hillside rainforest and lowland rainforest and mangrove. We’re the last property before you arrive at Cape Trib (Kulki) Beach itself – heading north, pass PKs and the Jungle Adventure Centre (Jungle Surfing) on your right.

The Orchard

The orchard comprises almost 30 acres of fruit trees with more than 70 different varieties grown on the property. The original hobby farm concept remains, with many of the original trees planted 40 years ago still producing the myriad fruit.

Varieties that showed promise in terms of taste, marketability and transportability have been developed in larger numbers to now produce commercial crops. Fruit grown in commercial volumes currently include Mangosteen, Rambutan, Breadfruit, and Durian, and these are road freighted to fruit markets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We also send more exotic varieties when in season during our main commercial cropping – Duku-Langsat, Matisia, Mamey Sapote and Santol.

Farm Gate Produce

A seasonal supply of fruits can be found for sale at the farm gate fruit stall. Popular amongst the locals for things like bananas, limes and grapefruit, the stall is also a hot spot for visitors looking for fresh produce. The fruit stall operates on an honesty system.

We do not do individual orders by mail.

The Nursery

Cape Trib Farm is constantly propagating trees for its own use as part of an orchard management plan. Top varieties are often grafted or marcotted, others propagated from suckers, and yet others simply from seed.

On occasion, more trees are propagated than necessary, and these are available for purchase.

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you or refer you to another grower who may be able to do so.

Jams & Preserves

Cape Trib Farm produces a range of jams and preserves – the vast array of exotic fruits means there is always something new cooking!

To date this has mainly been for on farm consumption, particularly catering to our B&B guests. We are working towards these being available for sale after Fruit Tasting tours and through local retail outlets in due course – keep your eyes peeled (pardon the pun) for Cape Trib Exotic Jams and Preserves.

for_merren-7292 rambutans durian-tree Fruit Tasting Platter What's on today?

Contact us on +617 4098 0042 for more information and bookings.