Fruit Tasting Tours

Taste. Touch. Smell. Enjoy!

Tantalise your taste buds and discover the original exotic Fruit Tasting experience in the heart of Cape Tribulation…

Go on a tour around the world of tropical and exotic fruits that will treat you to a taste sensation that is both mouth-watering and healthy. From the delectable chocolate pudding fruit, to the creamy mamey sapote, to the ever-popular breadfruit chips, you’ll enjoy a platter of exotic fruit like you’ve never seen before. Nestled in Cape Tribulation itself, bordered by the World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, nature has created the perfect environment for growing a smorgasbord of exotic tropical fruits like you have never seen, touched or tasted before.

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For 90 minutes you will:

  • Delight your tastebuds with an array of weird and wonderful fresh fruits
  • Discover the origins, uses, anecdotes and interesting facts about exotic fruits
  • Meander through the trees and identify different fruits and varieties on our orchard walk

Tour times

We begin our tour at 2pm.

In peak season, we run tours everyday during the months of July-August-September. For April-May and October-November we offer tours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the wet season (which is also our main commercial cropping season), we vary the days to accommodate other farm activities, so please check for availability here.


Your Fruit Tasting experience starts at Cape Trib Farm, 3939 Cape Tribulation Road (45 minutes’ drive north of the Daintree Ferry).

Accom: Your accommodation (if you’re not staying with us!) can call us direct to confirm availability and booking.
Office: Our bookings are managed by Jungle Surfing at the Jungle Adventure Centre– just 50m back down the road – call in.
Direct: We can take bookings at the farm should you drop in - but make it at least an hour in advance as we get busy preparing for Tasting.

Contact us on +617 4098 0042 for more information and bookings.