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Cape Trib Farm

Set in a landscape of ancient rainforest, pristine beaches and tropical orchards, Cape Trib Farm offers a delicious escape from the world and an adventure for your taste buds.

Bursting with over 70 rare and exotic fruits, and celebrated for its iconic farmgate tasting experiences, Cape Trib Farm also offers five Orchard Cottages for couples, which can be booked individually or as an exclusive whole-farm experience.

Cape Trib Farm boasts an idyllic location at Cape Tribulation, wedged between two World Heritage listed sites – the Daintree Rainforest on one side and the white sand, palm-fringed tropical beaches of the Great Barrier Reef on the other.

Just 2 ½ hours north of Cairns, or 90 minutes from Port Douglas, a visit to Cape Trib Farm is a must for foodies, nature lovers and explorers!

Welcome to Cape Trib Farm
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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Cape Trib Farm is located in the Daintree Rainforest, the most celebrated part of the World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics of Queensland. The Wet Tropics present an unparalleled record of the evolution of Australia’s flora and fauna, with relicts of the great Gondwanan forest and unique wildlife.

Working in harmony with this precious environment is the foundation of our philosophy, combining regenerative farming principles, sustainability and state-of-the-art technology with the shared wisdom of our long association with the land.


Five standalone Orchard Cottages dotted throughout the property. Cottages are available with King Bed for up to two persons, or Queen plus Single for three persons maximum, and all cottages feature ensuite bathrooms, a private deck, unique rainforest timber pieces and the famous tropical farm breakfasts.



Cape Tribulation is famously where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, and there’s no better place to immerse yourself in these ancient natural wonders.

From horse rides and crocodile cruises to bird-watching and boardwalks, there’s a range of guided and free activities for all ages.



Tantalise the taste buds and go on a tour around the world of tropical and exotic fruits. From the delectable chocolate pudding fruit, to the creamy mamey sapote, you’ll enjoy a platter of exotic fruit like you’ve never seen before. Join us for the original Exotic Fruit Tasting tour at Cape Trib farm.



Family owned and operated for three generations, Cape Trib Farm is an authentic working farm in one of the most spectacular locations in Australia. Since planting the first trees in 1978, the Gray and Blockey families have been true pioneers and despite a raft of challenges have – through innovation and dedication – established a model for regenerative fruit farming that delights visitors and foodies alike.


What Our Customers Say About Us

We are sure this was the place where Eve gave the apple to Adam. Nowadays, she could do it here at the farm with 64 other exotic fruits. We loved everything about our stay here. Truly a garden of Eden!

Sylvia and Thomas

We are very grateful to have you and your family (including the dogs) guide our stay at Cape Tribulation. As Danes from the cold north we are very happy to have felt the warmth of your little community with so many stories told by everyone. We think it helps you all being kept tied together, and we wish you at the farm stay all the best in times to come.

Solveig and Morten

Your farm is definitely one of the most beautiful places on our trip on the east coast and we are so happy to find this fantastic getaway. We loved every minute of our stay and the beautiful beach walks. Thanks for all the tips you gave us.

Juliane and Maurice

Go, just go! OMG this place is heaven on a stick. We spent a glorious afternoon tasting 12 fruits we’d never heard of, let alone tasted before. Our hosts were pleasant and knowledgeable, the portions were plentiful and we had seconds twice. Our group asked many, many questions which were all fielded and answered with a smile. The walk around the orchard with the dogs at the end of the day gave us an unexpected connection to the fruit we’d just tasted. I wish these fruits were available commercially outside the region as I could easily become a black sapote addict. If you’re in the region, find the time, just go, you will never regret it.


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Contact us on +617 4098 0042 for more information and bookings.