Getting Here

The drive to Cape Tribulation from Cairns is known as the Great Barrier Reef Drive, and is one of the most spectacular coastal journeys in Australia. The road hugs the coastline with sweeping ocean and beach views before crossing the Daintree River by ferry and winding through lush rainforest before glimpsing the Cape itself.

Take your time and enjoy the journey. Allow 3 hours from Cairns, 2 ½ from Cairns Airport or Northern Beaches and 2 hours from Port Douglas.

Please note that during peak periods (school holidays) there can be long queues at the Daintree Ferry which may add more than an hour to your journey. We recommend during these times that you aim to head north early and reach the ferry before 10:00am.

Daintree Food Trail

Daintree Food TrailTo add a little extra flavour to you journey to the Daintree, check out the Daintree Food Trail for a guide to fresh produce and food experiences along the way.

When to Visit

When to VisitCape Trib Farm is alive and humming year round with different fruits available during different seasons. Cape Tribulation itself is a magical destination both during our balmy winter and the summer with its refreshing tropical rains.

The “Big 3” exotics – rambutan, mangosteen and durian – all bear prolifically during our “Wet Season” which is usually January through to April or May, and this is the time of year when all our commercial crops are harvested and sent to the Southern markets.

When to visit When to visitWhen to visit

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