Meet The Family

The team at Cape Trib Farm spans four generations of the family:

  • Merran Blockey
    Merran Blockey

    Daughter of Colin and Dawn. Spent much of her youth grafting trees and digging holes for many of the now mature trees. Can still be found digging holes and grafting trees as well as picking and packing fruit for the southern markets.

  • Jeremy Blockey
    Jeremy Blockey

    Husband of Merran and one of the original ‘wwoofers’ who first worked at Cape Trib Farm in 1987 as a backpacker from England. Recalls vividly Colin giving him his first job planting trees in the wet season and getting drenched every day in 150mm of rain; now picking the fruit off those very same trees and running Fruit Tasting. Can usually be found out in the orchards picking and pruning.

  • Sam Blockey
    Sam Blockey

    Eldest son of Merran and Jeremy and 'shaker and mover' when it comes to researching and designing new farming methods. Spent many weeks every year in his childhood growing to love Cape Trib and learning the ropes, not to mention earning great pocket-money selling fruit from the roadside. Can usually be found on a cherry picker or on the quad somewhere in the orchards!

  • Colin Gray
    Colin Gray

    One of the original pioneers of many of the exotic fruits from around the globe now found in Far North Queensland. Canefarming was a good industry in the 1960s and 70s, but never was enough to satisfy the green-fingered Colin. With an eye for the ideal micro-climate for growing exotics, Colin identified Cape Trib as THE spot. When visiting the farm, Colin can still be found grafting new trees or giving out orders!

  • Dawn Gray
    Dawn Gray

    Fruit taster extraordinaire! Started fruit tasting back in the early 80s and continued it into the mid-1990s, before the commercial crops took over. Was the ‘architect’ behind the diversification into the farm cottage B&B in 2000 after Cyclone Rona in 1999. When not travelling, Dawn resumes her role as official 'Meet and Greet' for our farm stay guests. If you have a question about Cape Trib… Dawn can answer it for you.

  • The other members of the family (Jordan and Hannah)
    The other members of the family (Jordan and Hannah)

    Often Jordan is spotted on site fixing and maintaining equipment in the sheds, or helping with the irrigation; can usually be found free diving and fishing … or eating Papa's beloved durians. Hannah under her own steam working in Cairns, occasionally seen at Cape Trib with treats from town.

  • Reuben

    Our newest team member, born in 2018, and fourth-generation fruit farmer, Reuben is son of Jordan & Maddy, and is chief feeder of the ducks & chooks. Loves everything mechanical and anything to do with trucks and tractors, especially if it involves dirt. Favourite fruit - Mangosteens!

  • The Back-Up Crew (Rosie and Lucy)
    The Back-Up Crew (Rosie and Lucy)

    The four-legged woofers and remaining members of the ‘Meet and Greet’ committee. Disposers of fruit (and any food stuffs) left on the packing floor. Can usually be found sneaking off for swims in the creek behind the farmhouse, and love walks on the beach!

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