Sustainable Living & Regenerative Farming Principles

Sustainability and regenerative farming are at the heart of our business, and while some of the pioneering challenges remain, they are mitigated by advances in technology and shared wisdom.

Sustainable living elements are the foundation of our philosophy of living in the Daintree and working a fruit orchard nestled between the two iconic World Heritage Areas:

  • Our farm is powered by 26 solar panels (6+ kW) on the shed roof coupled with battery storage, which supplies approximately 90% of our electricity needs, and supplemented by an efficient generator when demand (or weather conditions) requires.
  • Water is sourced from a freshwater bore and spring, which is replenished by an annual average rainfall of around 4.5 metres.
  • Waste management is critical in our environment, and we are lucky to have the space and be able to put organic domestic waste to use on the farm.

With a focus on building the health of our soil, and not just on fruit production, regenerative farming principles have been implemented since Merran and Jeremy acquired the farm, including:

  • Compost stacks comprising layered fruit scraps, hay, horse poo, woodchip, and ash can be seen around the farm as future sources of beneficial micro-organisms, fungi, bacteria etc
  • Compost tea brewer used regularly to produce our own blend of nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms which help to bring life back into the soil
  • Worm farms used to help break down food scraps into useable worm-casts – the best natural fertilisers
  • Companion/symbiotic planting of cover crops such as gingers, turmeric, lemongrass, cassava and flowers to help suppress weeds as well as providing a natural biomass that promotes soil health
  • Chooks and ducks as free-range mobile fertilisers and bug-destroyers, not to mention providers of beautiful eggs
  • All but complete reduction in the use of chemical herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • We have around 70 native bee hives throughout the property – these tiny stingless bees are major pollinators for our flowering fruit trees.

These regenerative farming initiatives also help build the carbon content (capture) in our soils.

Sustainabilty Farm Sustainabilty FarmSustainabilty Farm

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