Cape Trib Farm Today

Today, Cape Trib Farm retains its family heritage, with an ever-increasing variety of fruits being grown and genuine visitor experiences offered. It is comprised approximately 30 acres (12 hectares) of fruit orchard, and approximately 50 acres (20 hectares) of World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Rainforest (listed in 1988); the road is now formally gazetted.

Cape Trib Farm Today

Taking on a 40 year-old farm was a challenge in itself for Merran and Jeremy: both had pursued professional careers that were in essence office-bound – Merran as a teacher, Jeremy as an economist. What they were able to bring to the farm, though, was a different approach and new energy. Not wanting to totally reinvent the wheel, they set about developing a five year orchard management plan, whereby the older grafted trees with the best fruit qualities are being retained but pruned to a more manageable size and used as stock for propagating new trees, other areas re-worked and planted with new trees, and “inter-row” zones to be planted with new varieties (made possible by space created by the pruning process). We are almost three years into the plan, and expect the orchard to have around 3000 trees when completed.

All our fruit travels from the farm by road and via the Daintree Ferry. The road is now fully sealed with most creek crossings having bridges or raised concrete culverts, meaning road closures are minimal, and fruit damage is non-existent. Access to Cairns or Mareeba can be achieved in under 2.5 hours.

Cape Tribulation itself remains one of the most spectacular and unspoilt destinations in Australia, and offers the visitor a unique insight into sustainable living:

  • The Daintree region is blessed with having the protection of World Heritage Listing and being a National Park, but with pockets of freehold land and private enterprise embedded within helping to deliver amazing experiences and opportunities not usually associated with an iconic environmental destination.
  • Being “off-the-grid” has curtailed development, yet provides an opportunity for best practice to be showcased.
  • In late 2020, Cape Tribulation received mobile coverage for the first time – Telstra and Optus. But if you really want to ‘disconnect’ we are able to kidnap your mobile for the period!
  • We rely on satellite internet which is generally reliable but sometimes slow and restricted in bandwidth – it works well for regular modern communications and browsing, yet keeps us in check with entertainment downloads (distractions).

Contact us on +617 4098 0042 for more information and bookings.