Provenance: origin, source

At Cape Trib Farm we are proud to share the origins and story of all our fruits and products.

The provenance of food has never been more important, and we can show you each step: where the rootstock or seeds came from, how we care for our land and how our fruit is grown, how we pick and pack our crops, how they may be processed, how they are transported, where you can purchase our fruit and how best to eat and enjoy.


When you stay at our farm or join a fruit tasting tour, you will get first-hand experience of our farm in action and the freshest possible produce.

We also work closely with other local producers, cafes and restaurants to promote fresh local produce and low food miles. We’re proud members of the Daintree Food Trail which brings together artisanal producers from across the Douglas Shire in a celebration of food and flavours. Check out the website and map to learn more about what’s grown in our region and what other foods you can enjoy on your journey.

And when you can’t get to us, we’d love you to enjoy our fruits in your own homes, knowing they’ve been grown with care and love up here in Cape Trib. Here’s a list of wholesalers who sell our fruit – why not ask your local greengrocer to bring you a taste of our sunshine?

Contact us on +617 4098 0042 for more information and bookings.