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Fruits we grow

Fruits we growWe planted our first trees in 1978 and now grow nearly 80 different varieties of fruit on the property. What started as a hobby, with some varieties only having one or two individual specimens on the property, has translated into a commercial orchard of over 2500 trees.

Meet the family

Meet the familyThe team at Cape Trib Farm spans four generations of the family.

How it all began

How it all beganCape Trib Farm has been pioneering tropical and exotic fruits in Australia for the past 40 years.

Cape Trib Farm today

Cape Trib Farm todayToday, Cape Trib Farm retains its family heritage, with an ever-increasing variety of fruits being grown and genuine visitor experiences offered. It is comprised approximately 30 acres (12 hectares) of fruit orchard, and approximately 50 acres (20 hectares) of World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Rainforest (listed in 1988); the road is now formally gazetted.

Sustainable Living & Regenerative Farming Principles

Sustainable LivingSustainability and regenerative farming are at the heart of our business, and while some of the pioneering challenges remain, they are mitigated by advances in technology and shared wisdom.


ProvenanceAt Cape Trib Farm we are proud to share the origins and story of all our fruits and products.

When you stay at our farm or join a fruit tasting tour, you will get first-hand experience of our farm in action and the freshest possible produce.

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